Today I'll like to talk about  my recent adventure.I have heard a few stories  of how magnificent this place  was, I was curious .I wanted to see for myself when the opportunity  presented itself through  my  friend  Isha and Alwan I grabbed  it like a hungry lion would grab his prey. I was not alone on this mission,we went with our fun team and trust me it was worth the journey. Half way into the journey  Alwan said “ hope you guys know that where we are headed to is a headquarters for terrorist?”I turned to see the reaction  of the rest of the  team, it was a mixed reaction in my opinion on the one hand it was fear of uncertainty  on the other hand it was excitement  of  the possibility of an adventure of a life time(our team can be that unrelenting) but then  Alwan quickly  added well that was in the past.So it’s safe.
The welcoming

Welcome                                                Leelee the friendly horse and my new friend

     When we arrived  Our fun and detail…

International Women's day

Today I woke up with the popular nursery rhyme on my mind;  Little drops of water,  Little grains of sand,  Make the mighty ocean  And the pleasant land.

Women! I do not think rivalry is the way forward.  We can all shine, We can all grow.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to a fellow woman , Absolutely nothing wrong in encouraging another woman .  Life is in phases , learn from these phases and teach others.  And don't say there is nothing you can do to help.
The little you do will go a long way.

Happy International Women's day to every woman reading this.
Keep moving ,Keep living
I matter ,you matter We all Matter!
"Think equal, build smart, innovate for change"

PS:I am proud of all of You who are making an effort to empower and inspire other women. More Grace.

World book day

I am particularly concerned about children in Nigeria that are out of school.
There are loads of them
Its really sad

 In Borno state Nigeria you still find a lot of children who are out of school some due to insurgency, others poverty, some also due to parental neglect and many other reasons there are few Non profit organizations that try to help with sending children back to school, Afew people with good hearts contribute to sending children to school but more is still required.
Idleness is the root cause of several  problems including violence.

Let the young people's mind be engaged positively for a better Nigeria
I like what Shakuntala Devi said "Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life"

If you can,give a child a book today
Let's make the world a better place
Happy World book day!

Cake Tasting

Yes! We came we cake tasted and we conquered 
It wasn't  just cake tasting, there was fun and laughter  February began on a beautiful  note this year for the people of Maiduguri. Imagine having   seven mind-blowing cake varieties all in one plate.For cake lovers Debiraay's cake tasting event hosted by Desert queen fashion house,was like a dream come true as there were seven varieties  of cakes available to guest and who wouldn't  love to have a slices of their favourite Cakes.  The cakes were;

1.Rum Yum gateau
2.Red velvet Dulce
3.Double chocolate cake
4.Debiraay's lemon cake
5.Decadent chocolate cake
6.Vanilla cake
7.Debiraays cheese cake

 According to a guest  He said "This is a great step forward ,the cakes are amazing and the concept  is exceptional "  another  guest said she loved all the cakes in her words she said with excitement in her voice"The cakes are lovely, the double  chocolate cake has a chocolate goodness and Debiraays lemon cake has a zi…

Female Genital Mutilation

I picked up my phone  today and since today is international  day of zero tolerance for Female genital mutilation(FGM) I decided  to join to spread the awareness using all my social media  platforms, even though  I thought  to my self that the people around me were well aware of the  consequences of FGM.  I knew that this was a common practice among the shuwa kanuri people  of Borno state.A friend  of mine recently  shared  with  me the result of one of his research and Out of 50cases of vesico vaginal fistula more than 50% were due to FGM.

   I was shocked  when one of my contacts  responded  to my update on zero tolerance to FGM saying but I heard its good, She added my mum did it to me, my sisters ,and cousins  and we turned  out fine,she even  adviced my aunt to do it to her children. I was shocked, I didn't  expect  this from her, I thought  it was more common  with   people in rural areas  but I was wrong.For a lot of people  it is a culture  and despite  their education or…


Have you ever heard of Gwoza before? Well Gwoza is one of the  local government area  in Borno state,Nigeria that has suffered several attacks.
During  one of the violent attacks at Gwoza  a little boy watched his  elder brother and Father being killed.His mother  was deeply pained.Her husband was her pillar and Loosing  two loved ones in a day was shocking  for her but there was no time to mourn the dead and  she knew that the only way to stay alive  was to flee their home. 
 Now  a widow and faced with the responsibility to take care of  her little son and his elder sister,she made up her mind to keep them safe.
   They had to travel on foot hoping that they would  find their way  to a safer town.It was a tiring journey but they were not alone.Several others who survived the attack were also on this journey of a uncertainty.After walking a long distance It seemed as though there was hope for them  until there was another attack that claimed the lives of many and separated the little…

What I Found

Internally displaced persons
Hi Everyone and welcome to a beautiful weekend, a fresh start and a perfect time to lunch out, truly live life to  the fullest,Pursue your goals and achieve success.

 As you go higher and achieve success try to pull up another person ,reach back and give back.
    Today I will share my little escapade on my visit to an IDP camp. An IDP camp is temporal shelter where an internally displaced person who is forced to flee his or her home but who remains within his or her country lives.
    In Borno state  there are several IDP camps as a result of the conflict situation. In these camps you hear of and see people who escaped  death, families splited, children orphaned ,early marriages ,Malnourished children , several victims of gender based violence and more heart breaking stories but then there are stories of people who are facing life against all odds,learning trades ,learning to smile again and  slowly but surely getting their lives back.
   Elmiskin camp i…


Have  you ever felt like speaking up and suddenly  it's like you can't move your tongue ? or have you been a a situation  where  you are about  to type a post and suddenly your fingers are frozen? Have you ever felt held back when you were supposed  to be flying ... I see you nodding your head because you can totally relate.
Procasination steals time and your biggest enemy most times is you not the imaginary demons
Do what you fear the most and fear will creep out of you....
All the what ifs the doubts and fear that contends with you is the real enemy that you need to fight before it silences you.

      Welcome  to a new dawn,remember that for you  to move from where you are, you have to take a step first, so enough of the dreaming it is TIME TO ACT
Are you wondering if there are stories from the Sahara ?Oh well so many things happened while some got me excited me,others left me heartbroken .
While  I was trying hard to follow a pattern  for this amazing blog series I learnt t…